Virus' - A computer's threat
We don't just remove them, we ROOT them out

The moment you sense a problem of a slow down or your files are taking too long to open, don't wait, call Computer Doctor to have the pest - ROOTED OUT!

Don't Lose Those Important Files

When a computer crashes, don't waste time. The longer you wait when a computer stops responding due to a failure is when you need The Doctor.
Call Computer Doctor A.S.A.P, and hope it's not too late!

Recovery Price starting as low as $99

iPad Screen Repair

Is your iPad screen cracked?
Have Computer Doctor repair it. Most models.

iPad screen repair starting as low as $99

Forgot That Password and Unable to Get Back In?

Was your password changed? Did someone else tamper with your computer? Computer Doctor has the key. Call The Doctor and Get Back In

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Password Unlock price starting at $99

Microsoft Calling?

Microsoft doesn't make calls or advertise for you to call them. It isn't from Microsoft telling you that you have a problem with your computer.
Call The Doctor, you computer has been infected.

Laptop Screen

Is your laptop screen not lighting up? Did is crack? The Doctor repairs all makes and models, both pc laptops and Mac's

Prices vary based on screen size and model of screen,
not to be confused with brand of laptop.

Need a New Computer?

Make your next computer one that Computer Doctor builds for you

  • Home use
  • Office use
  • Gaming

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